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Patient Lending

No Cost Patient Financing

The Epic River Patient Lending program enables healthcare providers to offer low-interest loans to their patients to cover deductibles and coinsurance through an innovative medical billing software product. If you are a patient looking for a health care loan, contact your provider billing office and ask them if they carry Epic River today!

• No cost to the provider
• Every patient qualifies, regardless of creditworthiness
• Providers are paid for their services upfront and in full

Epic River connects banking and healthcare to create low-interest loans for patients to cover deductibles, co-insurance, and self-pay, regardless of their creditworthiness.
Patients make easy monthly payments. Providers receive payment upfront and in full, providing a revenue cycle management solution.

Banks leverage their success in recovering consumer debt to process patient payments on the provider’s behalf.

• Providers immediately receive 100% of patient charges
• No fees
• Fair and unchanging interest rate for patients
• All patients qualify
• Payment processing is offloaded to the bank

Healthcare System Integrations


“Since transitioning our internal payment plans,
we have lowered our DAR by 8-10 days.”

Ann Wyatt - CPC, AR Specialist, Telluride Regional Medical Center

Quantifiable Benefits

Healthcare Providers

Enables healthcare providers to offer low-interest loans to their patients to cover deductibles and coinsurance

• Get paid upfront and in full

• All patients are approved

• Offload statements and payment processing

Financial Institutions

Turns patient receivables into interest-bearing loans with minimal risk and no additional marketing or staffing costs

• New loan opportunity

• Establish new relationships with providers

• Improve CRA standing


Empowers patients to finance their healthcare expenses, including deductibles and coinsurance, at a fair and unchanging interest rate.

• No credit check

• Fair and unchanging interest rate

• No fees or prepayment penalties

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First, do no harm. Second, get paid for your work.