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Patient Lending

Accelerating the Process of Innovation

The Epic River Patient Lending Program enables healthcare providers to offer Low-Interest Loans to their patients to cover deductibles & coinsurance

• No cost to the provider
• Every patient qualifies regardless of creditworthiness
• Providers are paid upfront and in full

Epic River connects banking and healthcare to create low-interest loans for patients to cover deductibles, co-insurance and self-pay regardless of their creditworthiness.
Patients make easy monthly payments & providers receive payment upfront & in full.

Banks leverage their success in recovering consumer debt to process patient payments on the provider’s behalf.

• Immediately receive 100% of patient charges
• No fees
• Fair and unchanging interest rate for patients
• All patients qualify
• Payment processing is offloaded to the bank

Healthcare System Integrations


“Since transitioning our internal payment plans,
we have lowered our DAR by 8-10 days.”

Ann Wyatt - CPC, AR Specialist, Telluride Regional Medical Center

Quantifiable Benefits

Healthcare Providers

Enables healthcare providers to offer low-interest loans to their patients to cover deductibles and coinsurance

• Get paid upfront and in full

• All patients are approved

• Offload statements and payment processing

Financial Institutions

Turns patient receivables into interest-bearing loans with minimal risk and no additional marketing or staffing costs

• New loan opportunity

• Establish new relationships with providers

• Improve CRA standing


Empowers patients to finance their healthcare expenses, including deductibles and coinsurance, at a fair and unchanging interest rate.

• No credit check

• Fair and unchanging interest rate

• No fees or prepayment penalties

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Payment Partners

For patients who are able to manage a shorter repayment period, offer the convenience and flexibility of additional financing and payment options with the BHG MORE Mastercard. Patients can access special healthcare financing and unlimited cash back at any healthcare location that accepts Mastercard, providing a rewarding way to pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses and more ways to earn for your healthcare facility.
CCM specializes in first-party servicing, third-party collections and debt purchasing. CCM can contact your outstanding accounts receivable and attempt to collect the balance owed via payment in full or offer the Epic River program as an alternative to existing payment options.

First, do no harm. Second, get paid for your work.