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About Us

Finding Inspiration Around Every Bend

Every epic river needs two things - a water source and a path carved in the earth.  To us, a good borrower experience is like carving a path for loans to flow. However, most banktech companies stop there.  They tell a bank or credit union, "We have carved a path for you, now it's up to you to find the water." 

That's where Epic River is different, we carve a path for your borrower with a  single system for their loan application, ID verification, ESign, eNotary, supporting documents, disclosures and onboarding.  But we don't stop there.  Once your bank or credit union is comfortable with your digital lending infrastructure, we bring the water too. 


Founded in 2005, Epic River was built to automate the loan closing process AND deliver innovative loan diversification to your doorstep.

A streamlined online borrower experience and a digital loan flow you can control, ensures that our community banks and credit unions will continue to be an important part of the commercial and consumer landscape of the country for the foreseeable future.

Our Story

Epic River delivers innovative software and service solutions that streamline the lending process for your community including local banks and credit unions, small businesses, healthcare providers and patients. Our unique offering removes traditional loan barriers and seamlessly facilitates an online lending process so that every borrower gets the experience they want while keeping it all within the local community.

Epic River helps its partners find and capture new loan volume on a single platform.
From trusted online identity verification to loan application and closing, our comprehensive digital product suite securely manages every step of the process. Customers enjoy an elevated experience that’s fast, convenient and affordable and community banks and credit unions generate more loans with an expedited time to close, higher yield and improved fee income.

Epic River Timeline Graphic

Leadership Team


Jeff Grobaski

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Founder & CEO


Cory Sanders

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Director of Client Success


Cory Henderson

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Director of Business Intelligence


Jessica Toney

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Director of Product


Tanner King

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System Architect & Dev Lead


Andy Lordi

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Director of Revenue


Duncan McKeever

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Strategic Partnerships

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