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Support Guidelines


The hours of coverage for this service level agreement are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m, Monday through Friday in the mountain time zone, excluding holidays and weekends. Support services may be provided via phone, chat, and/or email.


The telephone and email handling service is staffed by support personnel and provides assistance with diagnosis of issues and/or failures in our service. We agree to provide technical support, which includes but is not limited to the following actions:

  • Receive technical questions

  • Analyze the technical questions and provide answers

  • Provide assistance in answering questions that may arise concerning the operation and use of the services that cannot be resolved without our intervention


Our goal is to provide an appropriate level of urgency to each case based on the impact to your business or application. Opening cases with the appropriate level of severity will help us get you in touch with the right Support professionals within the target response times.


  • Critical: Your business is at risk. Critical functions of your application are unavailable.

  • Urgent: Your business is significantly impacted. Important functions of your application are unavailable.

  • High: Important functions of your application are impaired or degraded.

  • Normal: Non-critical functions of your application are behaving abnormally, or you have a time-sensitive development question.

  • Low: You have a general development question, or you want to request a feature.


Our target response time will vary based on the impact you tell us the issue is having on your business. We will make every reasonable effort to respond to your initial request within the time frames below:

  • 24 hours for issues classified as Critical.

  • 48 hours for issues classified as Urgent.

  • Three days for issues classified as High.

  • One week for issues classified as Normal.

  • Two weeks for issues classified as Low.

A resolution may not be available at the time support personnel respond. In this situation, support personnel will provide an estimate as to when the problem will be resolved. The Customer and appropriate support personnel will mutually determine an issue’s priority classification.


We provide best practice recommendations to improve performance and efficiency. We make recommendations on how new our offerings may fit your use case.


After we’ve responded to your case, we work with you to identify and resolve your problem. We consider cases resolved if:

  • Your problem is fixed.

  • The source of the problem lies with third-party software or hardware. (We’ll continue to be a resource as you work with the third party on a resolution.)

  • You don’t respond to a query or request from us for four (4) consecutive days.

  • For recurring issues, you can choose to reopen the case.

If you need assistance from a professional support agent because of an issue you are experiencing with our financial or medical billing software, please contact us right away.

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