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Patient Lending

Accelerating the Process of Innovation

The Epic River Patient Lending Program enables healthcare providers to offer Low-Interest Loans to their patients to cover deductibles & coinsurance

• No cost to the provider
• Every patient qualifies regardless of creditworthiness
• Providers are paid upfront and in full

Epic River connects banking and healthcare to create low-interest loans for patients to cover deductibles, co-insurance and self-pay regardless of their creditworthiness.
Patients make easy monthly payments & providers receive payment upfront & in full.

Banks leverage their success in recovering consumer debt to process patient payments on the provider’s behalf.

• Immediately receive 100% of patient charges
• No fees
• Fair and unchanging interest rate for patients
• All patients qualify
• Payment processing is offloaded to the bank

“Epic River enabled me to pay my entire bill using pretax, HSA money.”

Fits Your Budget


Eliminate the stress of medical bills with fixed, simple monthly payments.

- Ranges from 12 to 60 months

- You select the monthly payment you can afford

No Credit Decision


Your credit history or lack of credit history does not affect your qualification

 – No waiting for credit approval

 – Build credit with each monthly payment


No Fees


No hidden or surprise fees – you simply make your monthly payment and focus on your health

 – Fixed, unchanging interest rate

 – No prepayment penalties


Contact your healthcare provider to enroll today!