Founded in 2005, Epic River’s roots are in electronic loan closing. We launched our patient lending business in 2011 to address an increasingly problematic trend in the healthcare industry—non-payment of patient bills. While there is no shortage of patient financing options, where Epic River stands apart is in providing an accessible solution that safeguards the financial health and interests of both the provider and the patient. Not only that, but Epic River brings unique value to local community banks and credit unions in the form of new loan opportunities. 

Like the rising tide that raises all ships, Epic River benefits all parties—from providers to patients to banks and credit unions—by providing financial stability and assurance.

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Meet the Team



As a rapidly growing company, Epic River is always on the lookout for new talent to join our all-star team. We seek individuals that share our core values: community, transparency, fairness & inclusion, “do no harm”, and efficiency. We also look for candidates that are passionate about leveraging technology to overcome some of the biggest challenges facing healthcare providers and patients today.

Check back often as new jobs are posted regularly!