Healthcare loan opportunities for local financial institutions that “Do No Harm” to patients


For community banks and credit unions maintaining relevance in today’s highly competitive, global financial market is becoming increasingly more difficult. That’s where Epic River comes in. We offer local financial institutions a lucrative, no-risk revenue stream via interest bearing healthcare loans for patients in need. As an Epic River partner you get to….

How it Works

Financial institutions join the Epic River network and agree to the terms including guaranteed patient financing with a fixed APR.

Epic River and its partner banks and credit unions generate leads and pursue new loan opportunities.

Patients pick the amount they can afford to pay each month with loan terms up to five years.

The bank bills the patient monthly for the payment.

Patients make their monthly payments using any payment option accepted by the bank or credit union to make the monthly payment. That could include auto-pay, HSA, cash or check.

All loans are guaranteed by the healthcare provider.

Bank and Credit Union Benefits

Our Technology

Epic River’s software platform was designed to remove the friction points often experienced by providers, financial institutions and patients during the payment process. Our technology streamlines information exchange between parties, accelerates payments and provides an added level of security for all. Our platform includes the following features:



Epic River provides the technology behind the Finastra eSignature solution, ProSign Online, to provide our customers with an optimal and compliance-centric electronic document signing and delivery platform. ProSign is a simple and secure eSignature solution for financial institutions.


Customer Identity

Epic River leverages ID validation along with facial recognition to give you a higher accuracy rate than in-person verification.


Easy Document

Patients, providers and financial institutions are able to easily and securely exchange digital documents and disclosures from any location, on any device via Epic River’s secure online portal.


Sign Documents
from Anywhere

Our platform features fully compliant, remote signing capabilities for user convenience and speed.


Automatic Indexing to
Imaging Systems

With 50+ integrated financial institution imaging systems, the Epic River platform allows your documents to be automatically indexed for ease of future retrieval.

grey quote icon

My medical clients are thrilled to have another financing option available and Epic River makes it so easy.

—Melissa Grovijohn, Cash Management, Pinnacle Bank

We began to identify a significant need for medical financing within our community but found it difficult to create and service the relatively smaller loans while justifying the manual process that consumed a large portion of our overhead costs. Epic River is just what we needed.

Jeff Franklin, Branch President, Bank of Colorado