Safeguard your financial well-being with the Epic River patient payment program


If you are like the majority of current health insurance customers, you have questionable coverage with an exorbitantly high-deductible. You may even wonder what it is you are actually paying for. While Epic River can’t fix all that’s wrong with today’s imperfect healthcare system, we can help you navigate through it and ensure you are in a position to pay your medical bills without wreaking havoc on your finances and credit.

How it Works

Participating providers offer the Epic River payment plan to patients in need of financing assistance

All patients qualify regardless of their credit history

Patients decide how much they can afford to pay each month without causing undue financial distress on their finances

Epic River lenders provide patients with low-interest, fixed-rate financing

Patients make monthly payments in the agreed upon amount

Patients successfully pay-off medical debt over time and enhance their credit standing in the process


  • Guaranteed loan approval, all patients qualify
  • No credit check
  • Monthly payment amounts are determined by the patient with terms up to five years
  • No fees (hidden or otherwise)
  • Fixed, low-interest rate
  • Loans come from trusted local banks and credit union
  • Successful payment of medical loans improves your credit score
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The medical loan Epic River was able to facilitate for us was truly a lifeline for our family. Epic River enabled my husband to get the care he needed needed, kept us afloat in the meantime, and helped us get back on our feet in the worst of times.

— Bernie Hergott, Director of Patient Financial Services, Columbus Community Hospital

Phenomenal. This is one of the best revenue tools we have implemented. The Patient Account staff considers Epic River Patient Lending one of the top improvements in the last 5 years.

— Bernie Hergott, Director of Patient Financial Services, Columbus Community Hospital