Established in 2005, Epic River is a high-growth software company headquartered in Northern Colorado that provides solutions for the financial services and healthcare industries. We infuse innovation, alternative approaches and highly efficient software to help banks and credit unions create a user experience superior to that of marketplace and peer-to-peer lenders. Our commitment to utilize the lowest cost of capital and remove all unnecessary overhead from the loan process enables us to help everyone make the best possible financial decision when borrowing money.

Epic River gives you the opportunity to work with a smart, high-energy team who has a passion for building stellar products while expanding their knowledge on the latest technologies. Our founders have world-class experience developing innovative financial and healthcare products from the ground up and bringing them to market. Our work environment is open, collaborative and flexible with very few meetings so you can focus on the fun stuff like design and development while learning new things everyday– and occasionally busting your co-workers chops.

We’re a small company that’s seen a lot of success because we’re nimble and can adjust quickly to a changing market. And we have a lot of fun doing it.

You really need to check this out.

Here’s what we’re looking for from you as Epic River’s Front End Developer/Designer:

We want you to put your signature on the total user experience by creating designs and making them work elegantly. We need your talent and ability to adapt quickly and execute deliverables on time to drive future growth and scalability.

There are two main responsibilities:


You love well designed software and know the user experience is always evolving. You’re the type who constantly looks for ways to improve the UX. You will perform qualitative and quantitative research to uncover user needs, perceptions and preferences, and use learning to tune up existing features, unlock new opportunities and maximize potentials for on-going application improvements. Essentially, you get to create designs that users dream about.


You will bring your design to life by working on the front-end engine using JavaScript, JQuery, CSS and JSON. You need to quickly understand the existing framework and engage your skills to elevate the platform. To do this, you need a great understanding how JS/JQuery works along with OO behavior, closures, function scoping and prototypal inheritance.

Since you have 2-3 years development experience and are proficient in Javascript, JQuery, CSS, JSON and HTML5; some nice to haves are:

  • Javascript frameworks, such as AngularJS or React
  • MS Visual Studio
  • GIT
  • Atlassian Suite
  • Photoshop
  • Agile environment experience

One of your most compelling traits is your passion to join a team of ambitious technologists to create awesome products and drive growth for the company. You are self-driven with a need to constantly expand your knowledge.

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