1. How Health Care Loans Help Hospitals Prepare for Narrow Networks

    Insurance plans featuring narrow networks are 16% cheaper than the alternative. That’s why HMO and EPO insurance plans are growing more and more popular with individuals and employers. Yet the savings may not be worth the pitfalls of narrow networks. With an increasing number of HMO and EPO patien…Read More

  2. Get Paid for Unrecognized Services with Health Care Loans

    Medical professionals are burnt out from the unpaid, non-medical services they provide. Unpaid services are usually clerical duties that aren’t recognized as billable hours but are vital to your revenue. Denied claims and debt collection efforts, for example, take up hours that professionals aren…Read More

  3. How Health Care Loans Help Improve HCAHPS Scores

    Healthcare providers are looking for new ways to improve patient care since patient satisfaction is vital for good HCAHPS scores. One area to focus on is the increasingly estranged relationship between providers and patients. Patients want more information and communication from providers. This is e…Read More