1. Improve Revenue Cycle Management KPIs with Medical Lending

    The explosion of the RCM software market in recent years has led to worries about keeping patients’ data secure. One speaker at HIMSS19 even went so far as to say that cybersecurity should be a revenue cycle management key performance indicator (KPI). But cybersecurity isn’t the only KPI you sho…Read More

  2. Why Should Banks Enter the Healthcare Sector with Medical Lending?

    Why Should Banks Enter the Healthcare Sector with Medical Lending? JPMorgan Chase just made its biggest buy since 2009 with the $500 million acquisition of InstaMed, a medical payment technology company. This isn’t the first time the bank has shown interest in the health care industry and it certa…Read More

  3. How to Reduce Employee Burnout with Patient Financing

    Poor employee well being is associated with a higher prevalence of medical errors. It’s no wonder then that healthcare providers are looking for ways to improve employee morale. But why are healthcare employees dissatisfied in the first place? According to a 2016 review, burnout is to blame. How c…Read More

  4. The Most Expensive Medical Procedures, Part 2

    High costs have become emblematic of the American healthcare system. From compensating surgeons for long, complex procedures to fees for tests and administrative processes to the cost of simply staying overnight in a hospital, it’s not hard to rack up a heart-stopping bill, especially if a patient…Read More

  5. How Health Care Loans Help Hospitals Prepare for Narrow Networks

    Insurance plans featuring narrow networks are 16% cheaper than the alternative. That’s why HMO and EPO insurance plans are growing more and more popular with individuals and employers. Yet the savings may not be worth the pitfalls of narrow networks. With an increasing number of HMO and EPO patien…Read More

  6. How Medical Lending Helps Hospitals in Financial Distress

    Since 2010, there have been more than 100 closures of rural hospitals due to financial distress. Providers like these are vital to the health of communities that live too far to visit larger, more stable hospitals and practices. But what can hospitals do when experiencing a financial crisis? Ideally…Read More