Have you ever figured out the difference between the “C” and the “CE” on the calculator? We haven’t either, which is why most of us press both buttons multiple times just to be sure the data has been cleared. But you won’t see Sara waste time on that. Instead, she’ll use the right button just once because she’s probably always known the difference, which is why she’s the key contributor to our bookkeeping needs.

Focused on the minute details, Sara keeps our office running smoothly. Payroll is complete and our bills are paid before most of us turn on our machines for the day. Her secret? It’s her wicked memory for numbers among her many other talents. Need to know what something cost 10 years ago? There’s no need to look it up. Sara knows and can even tell you where we got it and how it was shipped. But just because she ensures that the day-to-day operations don’t interfere with our focus on innovative software doesn’t mean that she only sees things in red and black. She’s also part of our Quality Assurance Department.

Sara takes her attention to detail and applies her it-must-be-perfect attitude to our latest software projects. It’s not enough for the software to work through the most commonly anticipated series of steps the user is likely to follow. Sara will ensure that the software functions in the same manner via upgrade, new installation and even downgrade, uninstall and reinstall. But she also makes the day fun with the unique names she uses in her test data. Don’t mess with Sara, or you’ll be the next name she uses when testing an orthodontia loan through MyLoans.