We’ve all had those days when nothing works and you just wish somebody would fix it. That’s where RJ comes in. “Who is RJ?,” you ask. He’s the guy with many names and even more solutions to put your day back on the right track. Call him Ron, RJ, Ronald or Mr. J simply because you can, and he answers. But that’s not all. With him comes answers. When your computer needs something that a reboot can’t fix, Ron is your guy.

Problems with the ADS or DNS? Break out your best acronym and challenge Ronald all you want. He’s ready to fix whatever you’ve got and then will one-up you by scheduling your Windows updates to occur when you’re out of the office instead of first thing when you arrive Monday morning. He’s just that kind of a guy.

But because Epic River has RJ, that means that our equipment is in perfect working order, which frees up Mr. J to answer those tough support calls that have us all stumped. And when he’s not sitting by his phone waiting for your call, he’s exploring the beauty that Colorado has to offer. There’s not a trail Ron hasn’t hiked or a fish he hasn’t tried to catch in Colorado. So for a real challenge, Ronald plays in the local softball league with area teenagers. And he’s the best pitcher they’ve seen.