Kishore is Epic River’s automation evangelist. Not familiar? Well, every company that truly wants to be more efficient and identify “undocumented software enhancements” early in a release cycle has a Kishore on staff. No one is spared his wrath, which is why you’ll find our senior partners regularly ensuring that Kishore has a full cup of coffee and an endless supply of snacks to lessen that annoying interruption of hunger.

Kishore’s nearly two decades experience in compiler and firmware development as well as processor power management technology led him to become bilingual in coding and testing, resulting in Kishore’s uncanny ability to create and maintain our automated testing process. Those are fancy words that mean he controls the execution of tests and comparison of actual outcomes with predicted outcomes.

So when Kishore identifies an unintended change to our software, he can do much more than just tell our programmers that things are different when they shouldn’t be. No, Kishore not only identifies an issue long before it was ever considered for release, but he takes it a step further by directing our code ninjas with how to remedy the issue and ensure uniformity throughout the application.

However, his skill set doesn’t end there. Did we mention that he’s a doctor? No, not the blood and guts kind but the Doctor of Philosophy kind, which doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s the dry lecturing type. No, he has fun in our office too. He just writes it differently.

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