Before software can be designed and developed, the purpose behind it has to be understood. That’s where Jessica comes in. She is tasked with understanding the customers and how they use the software, thus guiding the software creation process down the right path in the very beginning. Focused on our software applications for financial institutions, Jessica breaks down each function into user stories and requirements from which programmers work to create cutting edge financial software.

So how does she begin to understand bankers? Well, did you ever follow the stories of a boy named Clark Kent from a rural town in Kansas? We did too and were impressed by Clark’s ability to transition into Superman when crisis arose…at least, until we met Jessica, who has officially one-upped the widely-known superhero.

We aren’t sure if it’s Jessica’s small-town roots or if it’s something she was born with, but like Clark, Jessica has the uncanny ability to identify a need and address it quickly. However, she changes into her second personae seamlessly (no costume necessary), and she sees the need long before it becomes a crisis. At one moment, you think you’re questioning Jessica about a proposed software functionality, but little did you know that you’re actually speaking with Banker Jessica, who is adamant on fulfilling the software requirement and is detailing to you the dozens of reasons why.

But she doesn’t stop there. Once the project is in process, Jessica oversees all the working parts to ensure each deadline is met. In fact it’s rumored that she’s changed the message on her vehicle’s side mirrors to say: “Warning: dates in the calendar are closer than you think.” That’s right, Clark Kent has nothing on Jessica…except moving to the big city. Jessica would never do that.