If you’ve ever called our office, chances are you’ve spoken with Cory, one of our Customer Support Representatives. And if you’ve ever gotten his voicemail, you likely caught him taking a quick break to challenge his co-workers to a game of P.I.G. on the basketball court. But when he’s not tossing the basketball between his legs from behind the backboard for a nothing-but-net shot, he’s busy getting to the bottom of what ails you.

So you’re having problems with active directory? No problem; Cory’s on it. What’s more, he won’t ask you to reboot or if the keyboard is plugged in. Instead, he recreates your environment, reproduces the problem and then works with our development team to get you a viable solution quickly. Nothing seems to rattle Cory. He was built to tackle the difficult problems AND the difficult people. And he does it all with a smile.

What’s more, he extends the same care to his co-workers. When someone in the office is having connectivity issues, Cory also troubleshoots the issue and will hit up the local convenience store for a quick chocolate and caffeine run for his team.