When working in our software, have you ever noticed that randomly placed button that does nothing when you click it? We haven’t either. That’s because Angie, one of our key employees in the Software Quality Assurance Department, doesn’t let that get by her…or a new recipe. And while she loves to experiment in the kitchen, software testing is not one of those areas that she leaves open to interpretation.

For Angie, software either works or it doesn’t. More often than not, she stands by her motto that all code is guilty until proven innocent. In fact, it’s been rumored that she delights in failing a code change and consequently making her co-workers feel badly about their work. It’s not enough that the screen looks pretty. Noooo, she actually expects the screen to work too…and in all major browsers. The nerve, right?

She works alongside developers and managers to constantly improve our awesome software products by flushing out glitches and ensuring new functionality integrates smoothly into the existing system. So by the end of the day, she either approves the code change for release…or provides her co-workers chocolate to inspire that perfect code change that our customers have come to expect.