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The Most Expensive Medical Procedures, Part 2

High costs have become emblematic of the American healthcare system. From compensating surgeons for long, complex procedures to fees for tests and administrative processes to the cost of simply staying overnight in a hospital, it’s not hard to rack up a heart-stopping bill, especially if a patient requires intensive medical care. As a healthcare provider, you may have seen for yourself how many people will delay or refuse care because of the expense. A fair, reliable health credit service like the Epic River Patient Lending program can give you the opportunity to help your patients stay healthy, both physically and financially.
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Health Care Loans to Offset Negative Effects of Individual Mandate Elimination

on Apr 29, 2019 12:21:58 PM By | Haley Clark | 0 Comments | Health Care Loans
The Affordable Care Act required all American citizens to have health care or else pay a fine on the next year’s taxes.
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How Health Care Loans Help Hospitals Prepare for Narrow Networks

on Apr 25, 2019 10:55:01 AM By | Haley Clark | 0 Comments | Health Care Loans
Insurance plans featuring narrow networks are 16% cheaper than the alternative. That’s why HMO and EPO insurance plans are growing more and more popular with individuals and employers.
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How Medical Lending Helps Hospitals in Financial Distress

on Apr 23, 2019 8:34:59 AM By | Haley Clark | 0 Comments | Medical Lending
Since 2010, there have been more than 100 closures of rural hospitals due to financial distress. Providers like these are vital to the health of communities that live too far to visit larger, more stable hospitals and practices.
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Reduce Accounts Receivable Days with Medical Lending

on Apr 18, 2019 11:14:53 AM By | Haley Clark | 0 Comments | Medical Lending
Healthcare providers are always searching for a better way to get paid for services rendered.
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The Most Expensive Medical Procedures, Part 1

Healthcare in the U.S. is expensive — we all know that. We put a high premium on the time, effort, and skill of doctors, nurses, and administrators, and time spent in the hospital can quickly lead to a big bill. As a healthcare provider, you have dedicated your career to helping your patients, and with the right programs and partnerships, you can now extend the “do no harm” principle to your patients’ finances as well as their physical health. The Epic River Patient Lending program is made to benefit providers and patients alike with easy, low-interest loans and user-friendly software.
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Medical Loan Financing for Uninsured Patients with High Medical Costs

on Apr 13, 2019 4:45:58 PM By | Haley Clark | 0 Comments | Medical Loan Financing
While the ACA initially expanded health coverage for the previously uninsured, the number of Americans without an insurance plan rose by 700,000 in 2017.
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Hosted or On-Premise Medical Loan Financing Software: Which is Right for Your Practice?

on Apr 11, 2019 9:38:54 AM By | Haley Clark | 0 Comments | Medical Loan Financing
Cloud based software has become mainstream.
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Patient Financing, AI, and More: Predictions in Revenue Cycle Management for 2019

on Apr 9, 2019 12:33:51 PM By | Haley Clark | 0 Comments | Patient Financing
On Thursday, Healthcare Finance presented Seth Cohen of OODA Health’s predictions for revenue cycle changes by the end of 2019.
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The Hidden Flaw in No-Interest Patient Payment Plans

No-interest patient payment plans have long been thought of as great solutions for patients who can’t afford immediate payment. On paper at least, these types of plans seem legitimately beneficial, and healthcare providers and medical billing staff across the country truly believe that these plans are helping patients absorb the potentially disastrous financial impact of high-cost treatments. They believe it, or else they wouldn’t be offering them.
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