1. Sara Rolph, Bookeeper and Quality Assurance Tester

    Have you ever figured out the difference between the “C” and the “CE” on the calculator? We haven’t either, which is why most of us press both buttons multiple times just to be sure the data has been cleared. But you won’t see Sara waste time on that. Instead, she’ll use the right butt…Read More

  2. RJ Prins, Customer Support Representative

    We’ve all had those days when nothing works and you just wish somebody would fix it. That’s where RJ comes in. “Who is RJ?,” you ask. He’s the guy with many names and even more solutions to put your day back on the right track. Call him Ron, RJ, Ronald or Mr. J simply because you can, and …Read More

  3. Angie Goss, Software Quality Assurance

    When working in our software, have you ever noticed that randomly placed button that does nothing when you click it? We haven’t either. That’s because Angie, one of our key employees in the Software Quality Assurance Department, doesn’t let that get by her…or a new recipe. And while she love…Read More

  4. Jim Carter, Senior Architect

    Jim’s history in software development is so great and nearly unattainable that many others who read of this legend wonder whether Jim is simply a mythological character or the mega coder that he truly is. But Jim’s co-workers can attest that he is real. In fact, Jim’s architecture and back-end…Read More