1. Integrating Patient Financing into Your Loan Process

    Patient financing.  Just about every bank has tried it.  Most financial institutions agree that if the patient has the credit worthiness and the dollar amount of the loan is large enough, patient financing is good business for the bank.  The problem is, almost all patient financing is small dolla…Read More

  2. Dodd Frank Lending Reform Impairing Bank Profitability

    The Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act is making it more difficult and more expensive for banks to create and service mortgage loans.  When you combine this with a recovering but still very slow housing market, banks need to look for new ways to generate interest income. Fina…Read More

  3. Using Patient Financing to reach the “unbanked”

    A recent FDIC survey has determined that 51 million adult Americans are either "unbanked" or "underbanked." These individuals are those who either have no relationship with a bank (not even a checking account) or have a tenuous relationship with a bank but still rely on alternative financial service…Read More

  4. Banks Struggle to Recover Due to Low Loan Demand

    During his opening address to the user conference, President of Harland Financial Services, Raj Shivdasani stated one of the major problems facing banks and economic recovery is a low loan demand and near-record low interest rates.  This situation could drag economic recovery as the general public …Read More

  5. New Release of MyLoans™ Makes Patient Financing Even Easier!

    It's been hot here in Colorado, so we've been staying nice and cool in the air conditioned office working on the v.13.2 release of MyLoans™!  Okay, so maybe there were a few vacations taken here and there, but rest assured that the MyLoans™ team has been hard at work ensuring our customers ca…Read More

  6. Harland Financial Solutions Provides Paperless Lending

    Less than a year after sketching out the concept, Harland Financial Solutions has already delivered on a mobile signing application to complete the loop on paperless lending. During the opening presentation on corporate direction at the Connections 2013 conference, Harland Financial Solutions featur…Read More