1. In the Headlines: InnovatioNews.com Highlights Epic River Move

    When Epic River's employee growth doubled within two years, a move to a larger facility became increasingly eminent.  And the 810,000-square-foot complex known as the Rocky Mountain Center for Innovation and Technology (RMCIT) quickly became an obvious candidate.  Not only did the location offer u…Read More

  2. In the Headlines: Epic River Featured by Built in Colorado

    Not only has Colorado claimed 20% of the spots on the Entrepreneur.com list of top locations for technology startups, but the Fort Collins-Loveland area claimed the #2 spot.  Freelance writer Brad Shannon took notice and quickly identified Epic River as one of the five digital startup leaders to …Read More

  3. It Can’t Continue Like This…but it might…

    I hate starting 2014 out like this, but it just has to be said, "This healthcare mess cannot continue!"  There.  That feels better.  Except one little thing.  It probably will continue.  And get increasingly messy. So while most of the nation equates "healthcare" to "obamacare" these days, I co…Read More

  4. Loveland City Council Approves Epic River Incentive Package

    As preparations continue for the impending move to the Rocky Mountain Center for Innovation and Technology (RMCIT), Epic River approached the Loveland City Council with a mutually beneficial incentive deal to assist with the company's transition to the larger facility.  During the December 17 meeti…Read More

  5. New Source of High-Yield, Low-Risk Consumer Loans

    After a two year controlled, measurable launch with six financial institutions, MyLoans announces its national rollout. MyLoans, is a web based software a Financial Institution can use to book new, consumer loans, capitalizing on its existing health care provider customer base.  These patient…Read More

  6. Electronic Signature Software Goes Mobile

    Epic River is pleased to announce the release of ProSign® Mobile, an add-on tablet signing option to the ProSign application. Developed by Epic River in coordination with Harland Financial Solutions, ProSign provides a means for electronically signing documents required for opening or modifying dep…Read More