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4 Reasons Patients Don’t Pay Their Medical Bills

As hospitals and healthcare providers across the country know well, getting patients to pay their medical bills can be a challenge. As we discussed in a recent blog, studies show that healthcare facilities lose hundreds of millions of dollars in unpaid services, and many doctors cite this difficulty for the reason they gave up owning an independent practice. Epic River wants to help your facility find a solution.
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Healthcare Price Transparency and its Effects on Your Business

Healthcare price transparency laws have become increasingly popular in the U.S. Indeed, 29 states currently have at least one law on the books related to healthcare providers detailing costs. There is also a growing surge of bipartisan support for more, and better, details to help patients determine value, not to mention the fact that CMS requirement for hospitals to publish a list of charges online will go live on January 1.
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Banking Industry Trends 2019

Growth and Profit at Community Banks and Credit Unions At the end of every year, pundits like to publish think pieces on banking industry trends. 2019 is no different, so we thought we’d add our hat to the ring with our predictions for what will most impact growth and profit at community banks. Please read on for our five top picks for banking industry trends!
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You Don’t Have to Be a Doctor and Debt Collector

on Dec 15, 2018 2:33:48 PM By | Epic River | 0 Comments | health credit services online healthcare financing patient lending
You likely chose a career in medicine because you are dedicated to helping patients and offering high-quality care. But many physicians have seen their roles change as healthcare insurance and patient payment options have evolved. If you don’t want to work as a healthcare professional and a billing specialist, then you are not alone.
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Why Patients Choose Medical Loans

Whether patients have health insurance or not, medical care can be expensive. From daunting upfront costs to high deductibles and copayments, many Americans simply don’t have what they need on hand to cover healthcare costs. Medical loans can close the gap, which is why helping patients connect with a fair and competitive lending program has become important to providers who want to make sure the people they care for stay healthy, both physically and financially.
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Health Insurance Terms to Know

Healthcare providers are increasingly being called upon to help patients navigate complicated insurance terms and service costs, especially those who work in independent practices. The difficulty of handling these aspects of health insurance – or the difficulty of pursuing medical care without it – are among the reasons why many patients avoid paying their bills. To help you and your patients better navigate the labyrinth of insurance terms, today’s blog is dedicated to the explanation of a few common health insurance terms.
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The Two Major Reasons Your Hospital Needs Healthcare Lending Services

As a healthcare professional, you’ve made a commitment to do no harm. The expectations that come with that promise are clear when it comes to helping a patient’s physical well-being, but what about their financial well-being? Paying medical bills is a challenge for many patients, and collecting on those payments is a challenge for many hospitals and healthcare centers as well. With the Epic River Patient Lending solution, you can ease the process for everyone. Read on to learn the two biggest reasons why your hospital should choose the Epic River Patient Lending solution and contact our team today to get started!
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Three Reasons Patients Love Our Patient Billing Solutions

It’s no secret: Americans are drowning under heaps of medical debt. In fact, a recent study conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that more than 25% of patients struggle to pay for the medical treatment they have received, and that medical debt is the number one cause of personal bankruptcy filings in America. These figures are staggering, and as a health care provider, you probably wish there was something you could do to lessen the financial struggle for your patients. Thankfully, there is! At Epic River, we can provide you with patient billing solutions that not only benefit your practice, but also your patients.
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How Can Our Healthcare Billing Platform Improve Your Practice?

Does your medical office struggle with finding the right balance between providing patients the affordable care they need and maintaining efficient healthcare billing and revenue cycle management? If so, you aren’t alone. The American Hospital Association reports that community hospitals provided more than $38 billion in uncompensated care to patients in 2016, undoubtedly leaving many medical professionals unpaid for their services. Finding a solution to this problem is challenging, but finding and implementing the right healthcare billing platform can help.
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Healthcare Billing Solutions to Help Patients

Have you ever put off getting medical care that you knew you needed? Even those who work in the healthcare industry avoid getting the treatment they need for one reason or another, whether it's due to financial concerns, a busy schedule, or simply a fear of treatment. At Epic River, we believe that finances should never be a hindrance to obtaining necessary medical care, so we set out to break down the financial barriers that patients often face. Our healthcare billing solutions benefit patients and physicians alike, making it easier for individuals to get the care they need to enjoy optimal health.
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